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Timing For Animation - Week 2 - Sack Animation

This week we had a look at the sack rig and covered;

The Suspension of Disbelief


Line of Action

This rig was great because you can convey so much emotion from a non-human object.

Working in 3D, it was important that I still sketched out my intention. Firstly, I sketched out some key poses to see how they looked.

I was able to think of sack rig as two bouncing balls from last weeks task, this would make iot easier for me to visualise the actions of the sack.

My first idea was to have the sack starting in a standing position and then splat on the ground; this would allow me to better understand the rig.

This didnt turn out too great because the whole rig was rotating. what i was hoping to happen was the legs stay static on the ground and the rest of the body falls.

I then went on to plan my final scene for the sack; this consisted of 3 primary poses.

I set up my scene a keyframed the three poses I had sketched out, I then moved these keyframes further apart and started to work on the ears and other parts of the sack.

I am happy with the outcome although if I were to go back a redo this, I would try and make the sack look less mechanical.

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