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Timing For Animation - Week 1 - Bouncing Balls

With the introduction week over, we began to learn the 12 principles of animation this week -

  1. Squash and stretch

  2. Anticipation

  3. Staging

  4. Straight ahead action & Pose to pose

  5. Follow-through and overlapping action

  6. Slow in and slow out

  7. Arc

  8. Secondardy action

  9. Timing

  10. exageration

  11. Solid drawing

  12. Appeal

The task was beneficial because it incorporated many of the 12 principles; this seemed like a great starting point to ease me into the masters.

Unfamiliar with Maya, it took me a while to get used to the intimidating interface.

In the first bouncing animation I created, the ball starts fast then loses momentum as the bounces get smaller.

From the graph below we can see the arc from the ball and how it loses momentum as time goes on.

In my second animation, the ball only moves on one axis; this was so I could better understand squash and stretch.

On completion of week one, I feel a lot more confident in Maya than I was previously. Understanding the twelve principles of animation will be essential in the development of my final project.

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